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Highly mobilised and bespoke financial solutions.


ACI Partners is a group of specialist divisions that provide high quality funding and services to capital projects and financial institutions.


We have revolutionised the way in which we work by developing a system and set of capabilities that combines project funding with a portfolio of unmatched professional services designed to facilitate that funding.             

Our aim is to create a secure and committed relationship where each of our subsidiaries come together to form an unparalleled partner that covers every challenge within your project and helps to increase profitability, whilst avoiding costly mistakes.

Company Principles

When our chairman and founder was asked to come back into project funding after his time in the USA, he returned with a refreshed perspective. More than anything, he wanted ACI to help people achieve their goals and prevent them from failing unnecessarily. 


In over 20 years of funding, he had unfortunately seen many projects fail the Due Diligence (DD) process. Most funders will leave the scene at that point and the client is then left with little or nothing to show for a significant period of time and not insubstantial costs.


Generally speaking, projects fail the DD process because clients believe that they know everything about how the money works and they are emboldened by the fact that they are themselves very successful businessmen and women. The terms, and how the money works, are to some degree a moving walkway. The many blocks of money to which we have direct access give us regular and frequent updates on their favoured geographical locations and requirements along with interest rates, repayment terms etc. Once a Final Term Sheet has been agreed, that money and those terms are “locked in”.

It is also true from the other side, where so many investments or portfolios experience failures or losses which could be resurrected, or avoided in the first place with the right amount of focused attention. 


This galvanised the realisation that a human-centric approach was the best way to ensure success and prevent loss for our clients. Indeed, whenever we take on a new funding or advisory project, we give every client the opportunity to work with us to cover every angle as far as is practicable and ensure that the best possible and most appropriate submissions are made.


Consequently, clients who have decided to work with us have, to date, experienced 100% success in securing a Final Term Sheet and satisfactory DD approval.


ACI Partners includes a number of specialist divisions and skillsets, which come together to provide a holistic and unique service for funding projects and investments. 


We believe the ACI service is the most client friendly on the market and is perfectly built for turbulent and uncertain times; So do get in touch to discuss how we can work with you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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