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High quality commercial funding packages

ACI Funding

ACI has considerable experience in raising commercial finance for projects from banks and private investors alike. 

Our key to a successful outcome is making the right approach with a clear proposition that is well presented, fully thought out and delivered concisely.


We trade freely in a very rare commodity – the truth. We are committed to open, honest and clear communication. You will always know exactly where you are with us and how to move your project to the next level.

We are dedicated to long term relationships, staying alongside you as forecasts become a ‘real world’ entity.

Service | One
  • Initial project review
  • Existing documentation health check
  • Initial observations and feedback
  • Agreed road map for progress
Service | Two
Funding Support
  • Selection of best fit funding source
  • Agreement of draft terms
  • Pre due diligence assistance
  • Contractual agreement support
Service | Three
  • Provision of experienced management
  • Continuing performance review
  • Collaborative approach
  • "Host" the money to a successful outcome
Service | Four
  • Monetise assets for increased liquidity
  • Utilise assets to provide project equity
  • Alternative funding options
  • Secure process management

Pre funding

Our main objective is to clear a common obstacle – due diligence. ACI Funding provides the opportunity to work with us to ensure that every angle has been addressed as far as is practicable, so that we can ensure a well-funded project and a successful working relationship for many years.

By spending more time at the development phase, we have experienced a 100% success rate in securing a final term sheet and satisfactory Due Diligence approval.

Post funding

We work collaboratively with our clients to support them in bringing their funded projects to a positive conclusion.

Our partners have years of practical business experience, enabling us to maintain an objective view of a client’s organisation. We can assist in the decision making process, make invaluable connections and help to ensure the smooth running of the project. 

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